Escape the Vicious Cycle

Break Out of Overeating & Restricting.

(And Trying to Make Up For It Later.)

We know. It’s exhausting to feel:

Stuck in an eating pattern you're not proud of

Out of control around food

Burned out on diets or trying to fix it yourself

Worried about what other people will think of you

We also know how vulnerable a decision it is to seek help.

You deserve care that is:

  • Non-judgmental
  • Compassionate
  • Individualized
Nutrition counseling session
Picture of a confident woman

But take heart. Recovery is possible.

Together we can help you:

  • Feel calm and in control around food
  • Cope with your feelings without turning to food
  • Eat well without a complicated diet plan
  • Make confident food choices

Your story with food isn’t over.

Bit by bit, we’ll walk through a process of learning to write a better one about nutrition.

1. Let’s Connect

Start your journey by filling out a connect form. You can even schedule a free call with Auvia and ask any questions you still have.

2. Intro Session

We’ll meet for 60-75 minutes to get to know your needs, goals, and get together a plan for your journey.

3. Follow-Up Sessions

We’ll then meet regularly  for 45-60 minutes as we implement your plan and process through each step.

4. Graduation!

Time to celebrate! We’ll send you off in your newfound food freedom with the tools to handle it on your own. And don’t worry–we’re here if you ever need to come back for a check-in.

We have so much hope for your recovery.

And it would be our honor to walk with you towards it.

Contact Info

3322 S. Campbell
Suite CC-4
Springfield, MO 65807