Eating should be simple.

Rediscover Your Body’s Natural Relationship With Food

Too many people report being unable to trust their bodies as a result of going on diets.

In fact, diets have been found to:

  • Lower metabolism
  • Increase cravings
  • Exacerbate emotional eating
  • Intensify food-related stress

If this sounds like your experience…

You haven’t failed. Diets have failed you.

With an intuitive eating approach, you can:

  • Tune into your body’s hunger and fullness cues
  • Eat for physical reasons rather than emotional ones
  • Eat food that’s both healthy and tasty
  • Enjoy your food with unconditional permission to eat (as well as an attunement to when you’re full)

Healthy eating looks like intuitive eating.

Bit by bit, we’ll walk toward healing the divide between your body and mind.

1. Let’s Connect

Start your journey by filling out a connect form. You can even schedule a free call with Auvia and ask any questions you still have.

2. Intro Session

We’ll meet for 60-75 minutes to get to know your needs, goals, and get together a plan for your journey.

3. Follow-Up Sessions

We’ll then meet regularly  for 45-60 minutes as we implement your plan and process through each step.

4. Graduation!

Time to celebrate! We’ll send you off in your newfound food freedom with the tools to handle it on your own. And don’t worry–we’re here if you ever need to come back for a check-in.

We are all born intuitive eaters.

It’s time to recover your ability to tune into your body.

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