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Hi, I’m Auvia Logan

I’m a registered dietitian and I absolutely love my job!  My clients come to me stressing and obsessing about food, and I help them find peace and confidence around food while achieving better health.

However, I must confess something to you. It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when I didn’t like being a dietitian. I wanted to walk away from it all and never talk about food again. “What?! Why?”  I was discouraged.  I was using “traditional” diet approaches with my clients, and instead of watching them reach their goals, I was watching their problems get worse.

I was teaching macronutrient counting, calorie counting, meal planning, and “clean eating” to my clients. These strategies weren’t too hard for my clients to follow at first. The first couple months they would stick to their diets, but inevitably, something would interfere. Maybe their mother brought over a cheesecake for their birthday, and they ate the whole thing.  Maybe they didn’t follow the diet on their vacation, or something stressful came up and it became too difficult to follow.  My clients felt like failures, and I felt like a failure.

Meanwhile, I was having my own struggles with food. While my eating habits weren’t “that bad” by society’s standards, I was worried about everything that I put in my mouth and felt guilty when I didn’t eat a certain way.

I knew that what I was doing wasn’t working for me or my clients, and that’s when I found Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating teaches what the diet industry doesn’t want you to know. Research shows that when we restrict food our body goes into famine mode. This means that our metabolism slows down and our brain tells us to eat “all we can” while food is available. That is why we obsess about food while on a diet, overeat on vacations, and fall off the bandwagon after a “bad day.” The truth about dieting is that it’s an effective way to lose a whole lot of happiness and joy while simultaneously damaging your health.

I was tired of putting people on joy-robbing and health-damaging diet plans, and knew I had to change. I used Intuitive Eating to heal my own relationship with food and started using the process with my clients. I did a 180 turn from wanting to change careers to absolutely loving being a dietitian. I was making a difference! My clients were experiencing radical improvements in their health and happiness. They were able to eat a balance of food without tediously counting macros, calories, or points. They could cope with emotions without food. They were eating the foods they loved without feeling out of control or deprived. I often hear, “I wish I had learned this sooner. It could have saved me years of frustration.”

I want to help you become an intuitive eater and save you from the disappointment and frustration of dieting. Are you ready to get started? I conduct sessions both virtually via my secure telehealth platform and in person at my Springfield, MO office.

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